12, Aug, 2020
Blockchain and Arts Auctioning

Blockchain and Arts Auctioning

The blockchain is slowly permeating all aspects of our lives, and arts auctioning is not an exception. The team with Predictive Art is set to popularize the blockchain-based methods for blockchain auction performance. Needless to say, many arts specialists fret partaking because they know nothing about how it works, nor do they have time or resources to learn. Let’s find out whether you should be among the first to try it out.

Is Predictive Art hard to use?

It’s very easy to use because the system is based on the “ready-made” solutions, offered by the Waves ecosystem. Neither artists, nor auction participants need to understand the technical details.

The team is always ready to consult the interested parties about how using Predictive Art platform will open up a bunch of unique benefits, which include utmost fairness, lack of need to do with paperwork (i.e. ability to do all operations online), low execution costs and ability to raise awareness among the tech-inclined crowd.

And this last feature might be just what your arts career needs to make a killing. Tap into a new market. Get seen.