07, Jul, 2020
Enjoy Your Guitar Practices with the Help of These Tricks

Enjoy Your Guitar Practices with the Help of These Tricks

Even if you are very enthusiastic about your guitar practices, there are cases when you don’t feel like doing it. That’s when you realize you need a little bit of motivation. Let’s think of the simplest things you can do to feel eager to play again.

Top 3 tricks on staying motivated

One of the best ideas is to warm up with something fun. Begin and finish each practice by playing anything just for fun. Don’t think about your technique, mistakes, etc. and simply enjoy the process. It’s a small exercise that is sure to boost your mood and inspire you to learn something new every lesson.

Another source of motivation can be a special place. If you’ve got a chance, decorate your extra room in a “music studio”. Remove the distractions and hand posters of your favorite musicians. Set up a space to store extra accessories like straps, strings, slide, tuner, etc. If you play an electric guitar, you can install all the equipment like amplifiers, speakers, etc. Get a music stand and put the music sheets there or get an iPad and download sheet music guitar pdf. The minute you walk in the room, you should feel like a star or an inspired music writer.

When you practice alone, there’s no one who can see your mistakes or silly ideas. If you feel like trying something new, just do it. Try different approaches to playing the same passage and you’ll see how fun it is. Don’t be too harsh on yourself and you won’t run out of motivation.