07, Jul, 2020
Extremely eclectic and technological Katy Perry’s “Witness”

Extremely eclectic and technological Katy Perry’s “Witness”

This is the fourth album in Katy Perry’s discography. One of the most popular female pop artists makes every release popular and commercially successful. The album was continued with the world tour, where Katy Perry it.

The fourth powerful release

Katy Perry’s new album “Witness” is the fourth in her discography. This release became extremely eclectic and versatile, both in sound and lyrics. There are many reasons for that. Surely, the first and the main reason is the existing trend in the pop industry, which sets the fashion. Secondly, the reason of such technological and universal approach to creating an album was in the huge number of producers. There are nine producers and many invited guests (such as Nicki Minaj, Migos and Skip Marley). The result of the album in commercial meaning is great. Among the 15 tracks, there is no song that will get at least some success in the world radio charts. Listen to these and other free songs here.

However, from the musical point of view, the album is not so perfect. Katy here often uses not only some replicas from her previous works, but also clear borrowings from the work of other musicians. There are not so many tracks that music lovers should pay attention to. Anyway, the track “Bon Appetit!” will catch the attention of the listener with the bright melody, traditional effective humor and Migos featuring. The composition “Swish Swish” also pleases the listener with the drum and bass ignition and authentic reading by Niki Minaj.