31, Oct, 2020
Perfect Perfume: The Hardest Choice

Perfect Perfume: The Hardest Choice

Choosing a new perfume is a sacred ritual for every woman. It’s essential to pick the scent that will reflect her personality and become an inspiration for her. That’s why it often takes much time to get the perfect one. Every perfume is the manifestation of woman’s worldview and self-perception. Nowadays, women create perfume wardrobes to use certain fragrances for particular occasions.

Tips on choosing the right perfume

When you visit Perfume Dor, you’ll be able to sort the fragrances by the categories. For instance, if you need to feel feminine and light, you should take a closer look at floral perfumes. You should also get at least one fruity or citrus scent. The latter is a great way to start your morning and feel energized for the rest of the day. In case citrus doesn’t fit you, get a juicy scent with the notes of peach, berries, apple, etc.

It’s also important to have at least one sweet perfume for a night out or cold winter. You can browse through spicy and oriental perfumes to find your perfect composition. Or get a woody scent to match your mood. They are often strong and bold, yet very feminine and mysterious.

In summer, you should take another look at green and oceanic perfumes that will help you stay fresh in the heat.

Your perfect perfume wardrobe should have at least 4 perfumes from different fragrance families. In addition, you can get some mono perfumes and learn how to mix and layer them. This way you’ll be able to have a truly unique aroma.