24, Sep, 2020
3 Things You Need to Check Before You Buy Instagram Account from a Seller

3 Things You Need to Check Before You Buy Instagram Account from a Seller

Instagram is one of the leading platforms on the Internet. It’s a great place for advertising and creating a brand. Some people start their companies on this social media website. Others create self-brand and build the reputation of a professional there. There are over 25m business profiles on Instagram and the number is only growing. If you are interested in having your business profile there, you are sure to know about the possibility to buy accounts. Let’s discuss whether you should do it and why.

Pay attention to the following facts

First of all, you need to make sure you buy Instagram accounts from a real person. Remember to check if it’s his real account. This is the stage when you also need to check that the followers are real, too. It’s quite easy to spot bots and fake account. Just stroll down the posts and pay attention to comments as well as the number of likes. There are also some tools that can help you verify the account’s legitimacy.

Moreover, you need to see if the account suits your needs and niche. Clearly, there is no sense in buying an account with thousands of followers from a fashion blogger, if you are planning on selling goods for pets. Use the tools that can help you get metrics of the account. This way you’ll discover the most used hashtags, words, engagement, etc.

Finally, you must agree on the terms in details. Think of every little thing beforehand and discuss it with the seller.